True Zoom MotoMod Lens for Moto Z by Motorola x Hasselblad - Reviews

Incredible images aren’t restricted to bulky DSLRs. Introducing the True Zoom MotoMod Lens by Motorola x Hasselblad. Combining the compact size and design by Motorola with the superbly crisp imaging of Hasselblad devices, this lens attaches to your Moto Z smartphone to give you 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixels in order to produce perfect images even in low light situations. Incredibly, even when zoomed all the way at 10x, the True Zoom delivers stunningly clear and detailed images. Retaining the lightweight feel of your Moto Z, the True Zoom MotoMod is ultra sleek and slim and provides enough texture for a steady grip. Easily attaching to your smartphone, the True Zoom MotoMod provides an instant and welcomed upgrade for everything from family photos to your Instagram feed.

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