Lundmark Wax 3326G01-4 Preferred General-Purpose Cleaner - Reviews

Add these qualities to your line up Reliability, Strength, Power, Speed, Economy, and Versatility. This is a new, highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner and detergent that is versatile, synthetic, and biodegradable. Its unique penetrating action attacks dirt and grime and holds them in suspension. It leaves no hard water film or soap scum that dulls the shine, but rinses free, restoring the original gloss and extending the life of the floor finish. The use dilution cost and free rinsing properties (no need for extra rinses) tackle the high-cost of labor every time. This product can be used on all surfaces, asphalt, tile, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, composition floors, sealed wood, marble, lockers, steel files, auto upholstery, and any other surface not harmed by water. Directions For damp mopping, dilute 2 oz. cleaner per gallon of water. To clean light soil, use 1 oz. per gallon of water. Walls and woodwork dilutions are 2 oz. per gallon warm water (4 oz. per gallon for extre

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