About Anyprices

About Anyprices

Anyprices leads in offering reliable price comparison information on products from several online merchants. Our duty is to help consumers get the products they need at the most appropriate prices. The search results by Anyprices is customized to bring in the best deals from the web together with the most recent news from respected reviewers and the customer’s social networks.

With Anyprices, your shopping will be lots of fun with less effort wherever you shop. With our awesome user experience, you will find it a breeze to locate anything from tech to travel to tiki torches and all their prices and where to find them just in a moment. Being part of AnyPrices network will enable you avail to your visitors a great number of products and services. While all these happen, you earn revenue. Our publisher network is designed especially for those who would like to add shopping widgets within their existing websites or those who would like to integrate the Anyprices comparison content in their websites.

How AnyPrices Publisher Network Works

AnyPrices Publisher Network gives you the opportunity to monetize your traffic by driving qualified buyers to AnyPrices. It’s a form of revenue share program where we help to direct traffic to the most suitable merchants who has value for your promotional efforts.

We are looking for online publishers who understands their audiences and who have the ability to direct high quality targeted traffic to over 50 million products by over 10,000 merchants. Just as you have managed to build trust and loyalty with your audience, we have also managed to do the same with our merchants. Adopt our intuitive and easy to implement shopping widget so that you feature and merchandise other products in your website. The Anyprices Publisher Networks works in the following manner:

  1. You drive quality traffic to Anyprices using your preferred methods of driving traffic.
  2. Once on Anyprices, when the traffic clicks through to the merchant websites, we get paid.
  3. We then pay you a percentage of the revenue that was generated by your traffic.

It’s free and easy to join Anyprices Publisher Network. It will only take you a few minutes to set up and once you are done, you can get started by creating a Anyprices user account and agree to our Terms & Conditions. Once you have applied, you will have access to the basic tools as well as the reporting system. Check you inbox for the full confirmation email and don’t forget to add affiliates@anyprices.com to your white list so that you do not miss any communications from us.

For any questions and comments that you feel are not addressed here or in our FAQ section, kindly send us an email on affiliates@anyprices.com. Incase you are in need of any additional information, be sure to the complete Terms & Conditions for AnyPrices Publisher Network.

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